Thursday, February 27, 2014

Scott Levy and his HVAC Posse

Sunny, Cold and Windy, Water Temperature 44* and Clear
Scott booked a trip a couple of weeks ago for him and some of his co-workers and was dead set on going out today regardless of what the weather would be. I warned him about the cold and wind predicted for the day but that did not slow these guys down. I think they thought that if they drank enough alcohol the night before that they couldn't get cold in 20* weather with 20 mph winds. Once they got out and started catching fish they started to get cold so they resumed where they left off at 3am this morning by recharging their heat pumps but after a couple hours the wind got up and they needed to go to auxiliary heat [the car] so we called it an early day and got off the water while we could. It was all good because they had a ball catching fish for a couple hours and kept enough to have a great dinner back at the rental house this afternoon. I felt fortunate to catch fish today with the weather conditions and Bluebird sky's in the short time that we were on the water. I am ready for some warmer weather to come to Virginia.

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