Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Converting a Bass fisherman to Stripers

 Man this fish is heavy!
 Ducks first Striper of the afternoon
Cloudy and Cold, Water Temperature 39* to 42* and Clear.
Yesterday [Monday] I had enough of staying around the house so I called up Anthony and Duck to set up an afternoon trip out on the lake. We all met around 1 at the lake then went to find some bait. After about 1 1/2 hours of looking and throwing we had enough to fish for a couple hours. Duck loves to catch Bass so I set up in an area where he could catch some which made him very happy as you can see in the bottom photo. After an hour of looking for Bass Anthony and I had enough so we decided to put Duck on some real fish. We hooked him up with the 10 pounder in the middle picture and he fought it for four minutes to land the fish. He was OK with catching the Striper but it fought a lot harder and was much more difficult to put in the boat. We were having fun with Duck watching him wrestle with Stripers but it was getting late so we decided to hit one more area for a couple of minutes right at dark. We had 3 or 4 very nice Stripers boil on some of our baits then Duck hooked up with a nice one. All Duck could do was hold onto the rod as it pulled drag but he eventually slowed the fish down when it was about 100 yards from the boat. Now the battle began for him to get the fish to the boat. The fish had his way with Duck swimming from one side of the boat to the other tangling a couple of lines but in the end Duck prevailed and won the fight. Anthony took the fish off the hook, handed the fish to Duck for a quick photo then released the fish back into the water to fight another day. The fish was 34 inches and weighed 15.4 pounds, a nice healthy Striper. Duck may have hooked and landed that Striper but that Striper definitely hooked Duck and may forever change his mind about fishing for Bass.

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since when do ya'll release any fish??!!