Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Brian and Mike

Mike had these two hooked up at the same time and got them both in the boat.

Cloudy and Cold, Water Temperatures 40* to 46* and Clear
I was scheduled to fish yesterday but I decided to change the date to today due to the winds. I got out early to catch bait which was somewhat difficult this morning but I managed to put 120 beautiful baits in my bait tank. I met the guys at the dock at 9 this morning, they had a few issues to deal with before they got to the lake. We set up pulling planner boards over various depths. I positioned my boat right over a break line putting my baits anywhere from 5 feet deep on the shallow side out to 30 feet on the outside. We started taking hits on the deeper side which dictated how we were going to fish today. I dialed right in on the pattern and we proceeded to hook up with fish after fish. We would have 4 or 5 hits within 30 seconds then go ten to fifteen minutes and do it again and again. By 1 o'clock we had a boat load of fish and got off the water which was a relief because it was cold out there. Mike is holding up two of the 6 fish that hooked up in less than a minute span. We got all the fish in the boat tangling a few boards in the process. That was a great end to a good morning fishing for Stripers on Lake Anna. 

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