Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A busy day on the lake

 I picked my clients up at 6:15 and went looking for fish. Ten minutes later we hit our first school and had only gotten 4 lines out and they all hooked up. By the time we landed the fish and regrouped the school had moved on. After 15 minutes I got on the big motor and located this school. Yup, we had our hands full again. Nice fish in this school and quite a bit of them also. I could tell by the side scan picture that the school was moving to my right so I headed the boat that direction.

 The school migrated up onto a flat where they started busting on the surface. We are catching fish on downlines and free lines here. The vertical lines on the sonar page is interference with Lowrance on the bow. I was using the side scan that I have mounted on my trolling motor to follow the school ahead of the boat and using my dash mounted Simrad to scan left and right. With both structure scans the school did not stand a chance, we went through over 100 baits in less than an hour.

 The smaller fish went shallower so I moved deeper where I saw the larger fish and worked them till we got tired and almost ran out of baits. I took the ladies back to the marina for a well deserved break.

Here is a pic I took after emptying out my bait tanks this afternoon. I told my clients before I started to that more than not when I empty the tank I will see other fish and it happened, we went over this and all the lines took hits. No more bait!!!

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