Sunday, September 07, 2014

Screen shots working the same school for 3 hours on my Simrad

 These are screenshots I took yesterday when I had a chance while working the same school of fish. I located the Stripers at 6:35 and we started hooking up. When things slowed a bit I took this shot. This school was huge and occasionally busted on the surface. I chased it from the marina all the way to Rose Valley using my Simrad.

 You can see clearly all the fish under the boat on the sonar and fish out to either side of the boat on the side scan.

 I am still on the school but as you can see in the side scan pic I am beginning to loose them. I turned the boat 90* and located them ahead of us, sped up and got right back in them. We worked them till we used up the 200 baits that I had caught this morning.

 I left the school and went to catch bait. I located a school on my Simrad then stopped the boat, put the trolling motor down and turned on my front Lowrance [Which I have rigged a SS ttransducer on].
I got the net ready, started the big motor up and headed toward where I had seen the school. I am now shooting side scan off to the right and left of my boat using my Simrad on the console and looking forward with side scan using my Lowrance on the bow. I found the school again with the Lowrance and threw on it catching about 250 Herring in one cast. The pic above is where I relocated the school. Notice on the left side of the sonar screen I had been running about 20mph to located the fish. Once I found them and slowed down the arches got larger confirming it was the school. We set out baits down to 20 feet and went through another hundred baits in thirty minutes.

We are still catching the fish here thanks to my Simrad sonar [echo] page and primarily my side scan that allowed me to keep the boat over the middle of the school. I would simply look at SS and see which side of the boat had the most fish [in this case the right] then steer the boat that direction till all our rods would hook up. If you are ready to get in on some of this action contact me and set up a trip.

Better yet if you want to own this type of technology contact Steve Lane at Greentop Sporting goods. Not only do they sell the units but they know more about Navico than anyone I have ever dealt with. Not only will they help you with your purchase, they will show you how to navigate through the different pages and menus, take your unit out of the box when you purchase it, install any software if needed, mate the unit to the transducer you have and set the unit up for the conditions where you fish. If you have issues once it is installed their support is awesome. Don't expect that kind of service buying a unit over the internet or through a big box store. These guys know their electronics. Thomas Harris is a rep for Navionics and will show you what a card for your unit can do for you in the waters you fish. He will actually insert a card into the unit of your choice and show you what you have been missing. Check 'um out, you will be glad you did!


Rob said...
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Rob said...

Jim, what are those 45 degree streaks on the third shot? Perch?

Jim Hemby said...

Usually White Perch