Saturday, September 06, 2014

Hilltop Consultants

 Jim Turner and Crew

Sunny and Pleasant, Water temperature 84* and Clear
Today was our annual outing with Jim Turner's Hilltop Consultants. I took Jim and 5 of his employees out on my boat and Tony wanted all the lovers and drinkers on his boat. It took us a while to get out of the marina but I found fish immediately and set up on them. I knew what was about to happen before I stopped but all I could do was hope to get some baits in the water before we started taking hits. I hadn't even got a chance to educate everyone on how to deploy the lines and how to reel in the Stripers but we gave it our best try. Before they knew it we started hooking up and for the next 3 hours there was nothing but chaos on our boat. I found the school at 6:35 and followed it for 3 solid hours till we ran out of baits. I went and made one cast on some Herring, caught 250 and went right back out and relocated the same school. We worked it again for another solid hour before it began to peter out. My crew thought they were going fishing this morning but they were not prepared for hysteria of constant hook up and screw ups. I lost count of exactly how many fish we caught this morning but I know we could have easily tripled our catch if they would have listened better. It didn't really matter though, we all had a great time. 
As for Tony's  Booze and Cruz boat, they caught one keeper Striper and a hell of a buzz. We heard them 500 yards across the lake yelling and screaming having fun this morning. You can see by the stringer they are holding what they caught this morning. This was just the beginning of their day, Jim was having them over to his house to cook out and party the rest of the day. They are going to have a wonderful weekend at Jim's.

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