Thursday, September 11, 2014

Some more Simrad Shots

Guess what this is? I see a whole lot of disappointed anglers jigging spoons with their eyes fixated on their depth finders wondering why they are not catching any Stripers in the fall. Guess what? You have to be near Stripers to catch them. This pic and the one below are schools of Gizzard Shad. Notice my speed, almost still. My motor is running and I am spooking some of the Gizz directly under the boat which appear to be fish but are in fact Gizz. The small vertical lines on my side scan in the darker blue [water] are Gizz swimming getting out of Dodge. Look over to the balance of the school  to the right on SS and you can clearly see that they are Gizzards.

Again, another school of Gizzards. Jig a toothache spoon on these all day but you will be eating Chicken for dinner. These pics are typical for fall fishing, there could be Stripers nearby but we did not see any yesterday when working these Gizards. Now, come back through this scenario later and see the bait all broke up and chances are the Stripers broke the school up and are aggressively feeding.

This is a screen shot I took going into the back of Contrary creek. I actually was just going into the left arm and in the mouth of Freshwater. The structure you see on the right side of my sonar screen is Hydrilla. You can also see it on the blue side scan screen. The grass is prolific all the way to the back of the creek.

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Kuch said...

Thanks for the explanations on your screen shots. Very helpful