Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Another Great Morning

 Elmer, Monica, Brandon and Daniel

My thumb after two busy days of fishing

Cloudy and Rain, Water Temperature 65* and clear
This morning I put 225 baits in the tank, picked everyone up at High Point and went looking for Stripers. I eventually found what I wanted and started to put baits out but I had only deployed 2 when the first rod went off and Monica jumped on it. Took her a while to get it in but it was her first Striper ever and the largest fish of the morning. Before she landed her fish we hooked up again. It was pouring down rain but for 2 1/2 hours no one really noticed, they were too busy reeling in fish. Now there is usually a clown with every group and Elmer took center stage today. There are only a few things you can't do fishing the way I do but he hit them all and made some more up. Instead of counting the pulls correctly he 1..tried to cheat me by pulling 20 inches rather than 24 at a time..2..set the hook instead of just picking up and reeling..3..picked the rod up without reeling first..4..constantly held his thumb on the line...and here is the new one...I was netting the fish knowing the fish were keepers and kept hearing splashes as I rebaited the lines and after awhile I looked while he measured the fish and he was throwing away fish over 21 inches. I asked him what he was doing then he realized my golden rule was 22 inches long, not 20. Elmer is a good sport and once he caught on he couldn't do any wrong and really helped in the boat with taking fish off the hooks and deploying baits. We all had a great time and I am sure they all will remember this fishing trip for quite awhile. This morning we caught 93 Stripers by 9:10, great teamwork! My thumb looks bad but theirs is probably worse, they handled most of the fish today while I baited.


Rob said...

This is what I use to prevent Striper Thumb:


Jim Hemby said...

Thanks Rob but I have tried gloves. I cant use a glove to bait hooks, the gloves remove a lot of the scales and my dexterity is lost. I want to get the bait on the hook and in the water within a couple of seconds. Also on days like today I baited 200 times in less than 3 hours, my hands are constantly in the water.