Thursday, May 19, 2016

Simrad Pics

 Just got and installed my new 3D Structure Scan just in time for the deep summer bite. For the next few weeks while we are not reeling in Stripers I will be experimenting with 3D to see if it can help me in the type of fishing that I do. It will have to be good for me to replace my LSS2, I know everything I see on the old one.

 This is a pic from today where I had located Stripers running about 25 mph and I turned the boat around, put baits out [one of which is the horizontal line at 40 feet], and moved right into the school of Stripers. We had 8 rods out and within 30 seconds every one doubled over.
 Here is another shot of the action.

 In this pick we had already caught over 80 Stripers and were done for the day. Notice more fish on the right side of my side scan.

Same day 2 minutes earlier when we were in the thick of things.
The horizontal lines are baits that had been hit and were dead.
In the madness it is hard to keep up.

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