Saturday, May 21, 2016


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I am constantly amassed with the performance of Navico products. This screenshot was taken off my Simrad on my console yesterday seconds after every rod hooked up in the boat. Check out the clarity of this unit! I am using broadband here but still you can count each and every fish on the echo screen and side scan screen as well. This technology leaves nothing for the imagination...heck I can even tell what sex each Striper is. Well not really, I don't know how to sex a Striper until they hit the boat and turn the floor white. You can see I had just entered the school but my screen just kept filling up with Stripers. I was torn between rebaiting hooks or popping screen shots but with clients on board I opted to rebait. We were over this school for a few minutes and the school kept getting larger and larger. At one time on side scan fish filled the entire screen. I was on a 120 foot scale, that is 120 feet to the right and 120 feet to the left side of the boat, 240 feet of Stripers. I am sure if I had taken a moment to expand my range on my side scan I could have easily seen more fish. We were just too busy catching fish for me to play with the unit. Yesterday was the first day the Sun had been out which encouraged the fish to school so well. Don't go out tomorrow and expect to see this, the lake rose 5 inches while I was out today and the water temp dropped 4.5 degrees.

I am not sure what Simrad stands for but in my book it stands

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