Monday, May 22, 2006

Robert and Bobbie Lanning

May 22, 2006 : Sunny and pleasant, Water clear and 69*
Got on the water at 3 to catch Herring and went to the dock to pick up my clients. They called and had overslept so I went out to find a school of fish. I found a school 2 minutes out and put 5 downlines out and hooked up on every one. I boated 4 stripers and a cat . Murphy's Law, clients are late and fishing is Great. Went back to the marina and waited for them to arrive. Picked them up and went back to the area and guess what? The fish moved. Anyway , we found fish just about everywhere we looked today . WE had 130 hits by 10:30 and had to catch more bait. We lost count of how many fish we caught but we had a great day.

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