Wednesday, May 31, 2006

NV HOMES Company Party

Matt Lynn, Kristina Dolack, Frank Dennis, Henry Chavez, John Snead and James High

May 31, 2006 : Sunny and hot, Water temp 80* and clear
Had company party today and needed two boats to accommodate 6 people so John and I got on the water at 3 am to catch herring. Picked clients up at 5:30 and headed out to locate some school of fish. John found a small school in 28 ' of water and called me in and we proceeded to wear them out. We had constant action for an hour , each boat having over 50 hits catching about 20 stripers and a dozen cats. We decided to leave that school and go collect some Gizzard Shad to run on downlines for the rest of the day. After catching bait , I located 2 more different schools of Stripers and called John in and when it was all said and done our clients had well over 200 hits for the day, keeping 17 Stripers and numerous Cats. We lost count of how many fish we released today. The water temp has risen 8* in the last 4 days and has put these Stripers on the deep flats positioning themselves to be caught using downline techniques. For the next 2 months we will catch 50 to 100 Stripers a morning.

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