Saturday, May 06, 2006

Chad, Tom, Bob

Dave Jones, John, Earl Custer, Ted Weimert
May 6, 2006 : Sunny and 75*, Water Temp 64* and Clear
Had a group of 10 friends to go out today so we took 3 boats out , mine, Johns and Allen's. The morning was extremely foggy and all the boats had problems getting to their destinations so I pulled up on a shallow flat and proceeded to run planner boards with both Gizzard Shad and Herring . Immediatly we started getting hit on the larger gizzards over 15' of water. We probably could have caught a lot more fish but due to the fog other boats kept running over us and spooking the fish. After the fog cleared I went uplake and caught more Gizz and set up on channel points . We caught a few more fish and caught a 11 pounder on a herring on a board. Being a Saturday boat traffic ran us off and had to seek another location away from the traffic. We fished the edges of a 14' flat and continued to catch fish. We ended up with 26 hits, clients kept 10 Stripers and 3 Cats.
John fished uplake points and caught his fish primarly on Herring and in the afternoon moved midlake to finish out the day. They kept 6 Stripers and 5 Cats. Allens crew caught a few Stripers and a Walleye.

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