Saturday, May 27, 2006

Billy, Jeff, Lance and Beau

May 26, 2006 : Sunny and warm, Water temp 70*
Got on the water at 3:30 am this morning to catch Herring. Picked up clients on their dock at 5:30 and went in search of deep fish. Found a school immediately and put downlines on them and as soon as I could get them out they got hit. Went thru 15 baits in 2 minutes putting only cats in the boat so I decided to move and locate other schools of fish. Found another school in 30' of water, got 3 lines out and hooked up before I could get out any more lines out. Landed a nice Striper , looked at the depth finder, it was black with Stripers, then was informed by one of my clients nature was calling and had to go. We left for a few minutes, came back and the fish were gone! We fished thru the day , went back to the first school we found and caught a lot of Stripers and cats. We also caught a very nice bass in 40' of water. On the way back to the marina we ran over a huge school of stripers and put what baits we had left down on them and finished out the day. Probably had 75 hits today.

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