Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Heater Bachelor Party

May 13, 2006 : Sunny and cool, Water temp 67*, Clear
Had party of 8 for bachelor party today so I took 4 people out on my boat and John took out the other 4. Had a late start due to a little too much partying the night before but we got out and caught bait and wet some lines. John and I both ran flats in the mouths of uplake creeks using planner boards. Stripers were hitting short and prefered the Gizzards. We had numerous hits but at least on my boat we had plenty of hookups but could not put them in the boat. Fishing was slow but we managed to catch a few fish . Between both boats we caught 12 stripers[alot of shorts] and plenty of cats. Both boats caught Stripers over 10 pounds. Grooms wife called all day worried about the Groom geting 'Racoon Eyes' .

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