Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Saghafi's

November 20th, 2008: Partly Cloudy and Cold, Water Temperature 48* and Clear. Went out and caught bait and picked clients up late at 7:30. Found some fish prior to picking the guys up nearby the ramp so I set up on them and started putting fish in the boat within 100 yards of starting. Second fish was this nice 14 pounder. We got right on the school with fish all around us , boards getting pounded and a boat runs right into the school. I make a turn to go back on them and another boat comes roaring in, sees a couple of boats fishing and thinks he's on the now and sets down and proceeds to fish. Well, two outboard motors turned that school off. We fished for awhile with no more luck, jump fisherman running all around so I decided to pick up and leave. We worked other areas the rest of the day, trying to stay away from jump fisherman, and caught a few more fish. A cold front is blowing in tonight, may have an interesting day tomorrow!

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