Friday, November 14, 2008

Travis, Bobby and Randy Via, Jeff Baskin and Jeremy Lisenby

November 14th, 2008: Cloudy, Water temp 58* and Stained.
Clients were a tad late this morning [ Travis grew a tail on the way to the marina] so we got a late start. Made a bunch of casts for bait and finally caught 30 by 8 and went fishing. Set up on shallow mainlake flats with a spread of boards pulling gizzards. Worked a 500 yard pull and hooked up 6 times without putting a fish in the boat. After almost throwing Bobby and Randy out of the boat we finally got one in to break the ice. We pulled another 1/2 mile and turned back too pick up a board we had lost, by 9:30 we had had 14 fish on and only put a few in the cooler. These fish were on, pulling the boards across the water! I could not figure out what was going on, the guys were doing everything right, the fish just not wanting to inhale the baits. We went and caught more bait, I found an area where I made 2 casts and caught over 40, and relocated further downlake. Set out the same spread and continued to get bit, catch ratios getting a little better. By 2 o'clock the guys were nailing the fish and everyone was able to catch their share. Today we had 30 Stripers on [only broke 1 off on the boat], the guys keeping 12 to take home. Naturally, the big ones got away, OK by me, my clients will catch them next week!

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