Friday, May 07, 2010

Earl Custer with friends Ken, Glen, Paul, Tony and Jim

Sunny and Hot, Water temperature 75* and Clear.
Both John and I had trips this morning so we double teamed the bait, I went for Gizz and he went for Herring, we met back at the dock at 5:30 and went fishing. We both set up in the same general vicinity, John pulling similar spreads as mine. The early am bite was slow, we would get punked and caught a few Bass but the Stripers were not ready to eat early. As the morning progressed the bite did get better although the fish really never did turn on , we would simply catch a fish here and there. A similar bite was going on with John, although he was catching most of his fish shallow and we were catching ours over 22 foot flats. About 9:30 Johns client hooked up next to us and we enjoyed watching his lady client fight a very nice fish for about 8 minutes and a couple hundred yards. By the time she landed the fish they were too far away to see actually how large the fish was. With the water temperature climbing the Stripers seemed a little confused, patterns may change over the next week or so. Today my crew had 30 hook-ups and took a few nice fish home back to Pennsylvania.
PS...Special thanks go out to Timmy.

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