Saturday, May 22, 2010

Michael Bailey with guests Bruce Jr., Bruce III, John, Rus and Jeff

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 72* and Clear.
Threw for bait for 3 hours this morning then picked up the guys at High Point at 5:45am. Went looking for schools of Stripers but was concerned about the weather change and weekend traffic. I instructed the guys on how to deploy the lines and set up on a couple fish but did not get bit. After 10 minutes we got the baits in and looked some more. I could not find what I wanted so I set up on a few fish just so the guys could catch a few fish. After 30 minutes I could not stand it any more and went looking for schools. I looked for an hour without seeing what I wanted so again I set up on pods of Stripers, a few fish spread out over a couple hundred yards. We would catch 6 or 8 here and there, no rhyme or reason why they were there or why I could not find larger schools. I attribute the lack of schooling to mainly the weather, the barometer dropping and the cloudy day. The east wind did not help much either. I kept trying to find fish for my clients and burnt up 20 gallons of fuel doing so. A couple times today we would get 5 or 6 fish hooked up at once but the small schools seemed to evaporate quickly. Around 1 o'clock we finally ran out of bait, great timing, we had just reached their limit of fish. Today we caught 40 Stripers and a few Catfish, 24 of the Stripers were keepers, the others were punks that we released. It ended up being quite a good day in fact after I learned what other anglers had caught today. Today was Michael's birthday, the trip a present from his loving wife Penny.

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