Friday, May 28, 2010

Elden and Bill

Partly Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 79* and Clear.
Went and caught bait early this morning and picked the guys up at 5:45. Looked for a few minutes without seeing any major schools so I moved to another area and located what I wanted to see. We put baits in the Stripers faces and for the next two hours it was constant action, we were either baiting rods or reeling fish in. I never took the guys to a big school because to anglers can not keep up with the action. Today's action was perfect, always a fish hooked up and we could keep a few lines with bait on them in the water. I lost count of how many we caught but we were back in before 9, it was a good thing to because the holiday weekend traffic was picking up and they are calling for some bad storms today. The guys were happy to get in early so they could clean their fish and get back to home before traffic got heavy on the highways. What a great way to start the holidays.
Hopefully everyone will take a moment this weekend to remember all the members of the armed forces who were killed in action.
Semper Fi

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