Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vince LaScala with friend Chuck

Cloudy and Warm, Water temperature 74* and Clear.
I went out and caught bait this morning and picked the guys up at the marina. My hopes were not too high to find large schools till later on in the morning because the weather was similar to yesterday [Fish did not school until mid morning]. I looked on the big motor for about 30 minutes only seeing small pods so I went to where I saw the most fish and trolled a couple of crankbaits hoping to catch a few fish and burn some time until I ran across some downline fish. I hit one area for 6 or 8 minutes and did not see what I wanted to see so we got the lines in and I set up over another area. Within 5 minutes I hit a school that stretched for about 6oo yards. Needless to say both rods hooked up, Chuck caught a double and Vince had a single. We were still over the school so we put baits on downlines and no sooner did we get a couple out they started going off. It took us about 40 minutes before we could ever get all the lines out, way too much action for two clients. We stayed on that one school for a couple hours and used up all of our bait. Vince was interested in trolling on the hot side of the lake so I showed him how it was done, caught some more fish and called it quits just before lunch. The guys took home 12 Stripers for table fare.

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