Thursday, May 20, 2010

Steve Mudre with guests Denny and Teresa Smith

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 70* and Clear.
Got on the water before 2am this morning to catch bait, picked the guys up at 5:30 and headed uplake. I set out a spread of planner boards and pulled a 5 to 15 foot flat nearby the mouth of a creek. After working it for 45 minutes and only getting punked we got our lines in and set up over an area where I could put out my whole spread, 10 boards, a bobber, 2 free lines and 5 downlines. We hit various structures and depths but again the nicer fish were not aggressive, we would just catch punks. I finally hit an area where a hump dropped off into the channel and hooked up with 4 or 5 fish but by the time I turned back they were gone. We worked the area looking for the fish but never found them again. I had a friend out fishing also and he was experiencing the same thing as I was so I decided to move to a completely different part of the lake hoping the fish there had different attitudes toward eating. I had no sooner told Steve what I was doing when I saw what I wanted to see so we put out out lines and started taking hits. We got into so much action that more times than not we had numerous fish on. Steve was enjoying this action, he had been out with me in the past and was hoping we could turn his friends on to some of the madness. Today we had well over 100 hits, I lost count of how many Stripers we caught but it was many more than 30. We came off the water before noon after running out of baits and before it got too hot.

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