Friday, July 30, 2010

Craig, John, Chris, Bob, Chris and Robert

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 87* and Clear.
A nice cold front blew through yesterday and finally we had a day where the temps did not get into the 90"s. I picked the guys up at their dock this morning, the air temp was 67*, 10 degrees cooler than every morning of the last few weeks. We went directly to where I had found fish yesterday, saw some fish on the depth finder and set up on them. We popped only one so we got back on the big motor and looked, and looked, and looked. Apparently the cold front had dispersed the schools, they were nowhere to be found. John was also out this morning and had been fishing the whole time I was looking and said he was catching a fish about once every 15 minutes, he didn't see fish but was still taking hits. We set up on singles and small pods numerous times but could only squeeze out a dozen Stripers this morning. This group of guys were good friends and fishing buddies, we had a ball and a lot of fun fishing but it would have been a better morning if we could have caught more fish. Although 12 Stripers in a morning is a good catch for most I feel like I got my butt kicked!

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