Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brian's family

Cloudy and Warm, Water Temperature 64* and Clear.
I got a call from Brian [far right] this morning around 11am. He wanted to book a trip this afternoon to take his family fishing so I loaded up the bait tank with water and headed to the lake. I picked them up at their dock around 1 and headed out to catch bait. Although it took about and hour and a half to catch bait we had a tank full of beautiful Herring and Gizzards to fish with. I was shocked how much boat traffic there was on the lake, it is spring break for a lot of schools and I guess many familys are spending the week on the lake. I set my spread out and worked an area where I thought I could get away from the boat traffic but after 75 to 100 boats ran by I realized we had to make a move to get away from the traffic. We reeled our baits in, threw them away , went and caught some more baits and set up elsewhere. The move paid off, there was not quite as much traffic and as soon as I got my spread out we started taking hits. I think Brian's family had been out on numerous charters before because they kept referring to previous trips of poor success and hoping they would catch at least one fish. I assured them that once the boat traffic settled and with the baits we had out that would not be the case today. Once we started putting fish in the boat this family lit up with joy encouraging me to work even harder to allow them to catch fish. We fished the area for a couple hours taking hits about once every 10 minutes or so. If a boat ran by us the fishing would slow for awhile but would pick up once the area settled down. Ann hooked the big fish of the afternoon and was reeling it in when a ski boat stopped in front of us and proceeded to prepare to pull a skier. The driver of the boat looked at us and another boat with a spread of boards behind me and it seemed as if he was thrilled to disrupt our afternoon of bliss. He was going to pull right through our spread but my clients weren't going to have any of that, they encouraged him to at least avoid our boards. My crew had left their children back at the house with grandma and were anxious to relieve her of her duties so we got the baits in before prime fishing time and returned to the dock. They were all thrilled with their afternoon of fishing on the lake and took home some wonderful table fare to have for dinner one night this week.

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