Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rick and Dean

Cloudy and Cool, Water Temperature 55*.
Got out early today and caught bait, picked up the guys at 6 and went fishing. Set out my spread pulling boards, bobbers and free lines. I had just got all my spread out when we started taking hits. The guys started taking turns reeling in Stripers and helping each other get their fish off the hook. All was well till boats started running by us, and as usual for this time of year the fish started turning off. After going about an hour without a fish I decided to make a move to go catch more bait and set up in a different area. After catching bait and only 2 boats passing us I decided to set up our spread again but as luck would have it they must have open up the gates because it was steady traffic from then on. We worked the area for about 1 hour then made yet another move which paid off for us. We had fairly steady action for a couple of hours before calling it quits for the day. The guys were happy with the action today, I still prefer to fish during the week taking twice the hits. I will try it again tomorrow in a different area of the lake.

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