Saturday, April 23, 2011

David and Austin Lacey

Cloudy and Warm, Water Temperature 63* and Clear.
I picked the guys up at High Point this morning, caught bait and set out my spread of a dozen boards, bobber, free line and a couple downlines. I hit a few points that I knew were holding nice
Stripers but we only had lookers, no fish would hook up. I knew this was not shaping up to be a good morning not only by not catching fish on productive points but it was Saturday and the wind was getting up. I continued to work areas I knew held fish taking hits and occasionally catching a Striper. I had plenty of places to try but the wind would not allow me to fish it properly so I stuck with my original plan. I was also talking to many other Striper fisherman on the lake which made us feel pretty good because most of them had struck out. Many fisherman left the lake by noon disappointed in the fishing. After all it is Spring and the fish should have been feeding today. We struggled all day to catch fish but ended up catching plenty for a few dinners for the guys. Austin is pictured holding his first Striper and largest fish he had ever caught but he actually caught a larger one a couple minutes later. We fished till my trolling batteries would not pull the boat any longer then called it a day.

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i did a good job. -Austin