Thursday, April 21, 2011

Elden and Bill

Cloudy and Windy, Water Temperature 63* and Clear.
Picked the guys up at 5am and caught bait. We had our spread out at daylight pulling flats and points. This morning we were all over fish but they were not very aggressive, they would chase the baits up to the surface but not take them. We would hook up on 1 out of every 4 bites. The moon was bright last night so the fish fed up in the twilight and I thought it probably would be later in the morning before the Stripers got serious. Our hook up ratio continued till about 11:30 when the fish finally got hungry. Every time we would get hit the Stripers would eat the bait swallowing the hooks. We would have action till boats ran nearby us then there would be short lull's in the action until things quieted down . By 1 the guys had enough and were ready to head back in.

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