Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Greg Whitlock

Cloudy and Breezy, Water Temperature 45* and Clear.
I wanted to check out some different patterns on the lake so I called Greg up and he took off this afternoon to fish for a couple hours. We put the boat in the water, caught bait and the wind started to howl. We found a place where we could control the boat and pulled boards for about 500 yards only to catch 1 Striper. We had one hour left before dark so I decided to make a move so we got all the lines in and made a quick move. Although the wind was just as bad we pulled an area into the wind only to catch 1 Striper. We were about to get our baits in when I decided to turn the boat around with the wind at our backs and hit a point that we just worked. That was what the fish wanted, we hooked up with 4 Stripers on at once. Guess we should have been fishing with the wind, presentation put the fish in the boat.

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