Monday, February 27, 2012

Steve, Al and John

Sunny, Windy, Cool, Water temperature 48* and clear.
Today I was concerned about how the cold front that blew through here on Saturday would effect fishing. I put my boat in the water at 5:30 this morning anxious to catch bait but John walked over and gave me some bad news, one of the other guys had misread the email about what time to meet this morning and was going to be about 45 minutes late. We didn't hit the water till 6:30 and I threw for bait till after 8. I set up a set of a dozen planner boards and a bobber pulling a flat this morning. We took 6 hits before we boated the first fish, the fish were simply hitting the baits in the tail not intending to eat the bait. By now the wind was getting up and I knew today would be a challenge fishing post frontal conditions in the wind. We hunkered down and just fished hard all day taking strikes here and there, there was no pattern to where the fish would be or where they would bite. I made a move toward the end of the trip that paid off, I went downlake and hit an area that every time I would get a phone call we would hook up. If the bite slowed I would call somebody and immediately hook up again. I guess the phone calls saved us today, the guys kept a dozen Stripers to take home.

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