Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tony and Sam

Sunny and Beautiful, Water Temperature 48* and Clear.
I got out early and hung lights for Herring, caught bait and started fishing shortly after daylight. I set out a spread of a dozen boards, a bobber , a free line and filled the rest of my rod holders up with downlines. It didn't take long for the action to start and we kept busy for about an hour and a half before I decided to make a move. We relocated and put out a similar spread of fresh baits. Before we knew it rods were bent over and the guys had there hands full trying to keep up with the action. I didn't know if Sam was laughing because he was catching so many fish or a Tony for loosing so many. After going through a tank of bait we called it a day and went home early. We kept 12 Stripers and released the rest unharmed. Sam is the guy on the right with the funky pants, I think he sprained his neck laughing at Tony.

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