Monday, February 20, 2012

Kat, Erica and Jim

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 46* and clear.
We had 5 inches of snow yesterday and last night so I could not get out till noon today because of the roads. I caught bait, picked up my crew and looked for some warm water temperatures. I found what I wanted and tried to put out my spread of boards and free lines but the fish would not cooperate, I had only set out one side of boards when we started taking hits. Jim boated the first fish, one of the largest of the trip. I hit a point and 4 or 5 hoked up. We wrestled a couple of them in and lost a few more. I knew what pattern to work so I pulled out and finished putting all my baits out then started hitting points. Every time we got near a point we would hook up. Although it was bluebird skies and post frontal conditions we managed to catch a limit in a few hours of wonderful fishing. All we needed was one more fish for a limit of fish today when I put 6 baits up on a primary point and four of the six baits hooked up all at once. We got our 16th fish in the boat and released the others unharmed.
Fishing is incredible now, thanks to the mild winter our catches are as good as I have ever seen them for this time of year. Now is a great time to catch Stripers.

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