Friday, February 10, 2012

John and Ben

Sunny in the morning turning cloudy, Water Temperature 48* and Clear.
John and I got out early to catch bait but my frozen deck made bait catching difficult. We picked Ben up, topped off the tank and went fishing. I had gotten only 3 lines out when we took our first hit, a good start for the morning. I put out about a dozen baits then hit a point that produced 2 strikes. We kept working different types of areas till I got dialed in on the fish then we proceeded to put some fish in the boat. For the next 3 hours I could not catch up with the action. We had well in excess of 25 hits and limited out around 11 this morning. John stayed up front in the boat most of the morning trying to catch a fish on an artificial bait letting Ben reel in most of the fish but he never caught a fish on a lure. John caught his share of fish on bait and we all had a great time. The guys kept 12 Stripers this morning and we released all the other fish to fight again. All the fish we caught today were nice keeper fish. John had called me a couple days ago to go fishing. He is working an outage at the power plant and he had asked numerous co-workers to go out today but they all said you can't catch Stripers out there this time of year. Once John started texting pics of the fish they were catching his phone started to ring off the hook. I don't think he will have any problem getting people to go next time.

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