Thursday, March 08, 2012

Brian and Eric

Partly Cloudy, WINDY and Warm, Water Temperature 50*.
Today I picked up my clients at 6am and went to catch bait. Bait was easy this morning, we had enough to pull a few different areas after about 15 minutes of throwing. I knew I was in for some challenges today, the wind was already blowing and within a few hours we had a steady 30 mph winds with higher gusts. I started to set out my spread of boards but I put out my bobber first and before I could engage the reel it hooked up. I had also put out one board and it also got hit before I could engage the reel. Brian reeled the first fish in and we put it in the boat, a great start for the day. I continued to put lines out and attempted to hold the boat true in the wind. This is Brian's second time out with me, he originally contacted me about a month ago with his main goal of learning how to fish the lake like I do, not necessarily catching a lot of fish but primarily learning how to catch bait and all the finer nuances of Striper fishing Lake Anna. In addition to constant questions and answers today I had Brian deploy some of the baits hoping to get him dialed in on using boards. We took hits this morning out in the middle of the lake, not one fish today came off the bank. We also fished different areas all day, never turning around to hit areas where we had numerous hookups. Needless to say boat control was mostly what I was coping with as the day progressed and the wind gusted. We fished till about 1, the wind was just too strong for me to keep my baits in the strike zone. We caught more fish than were on the stringer today, it was so windy that the wind blew the fish off the pole into the water which we could not recover.

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