Monday, March 19, 2012

Jim, Tim, Jason and Matt

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 65* and Clear.
Picked the guys up at 6 this morning and caught bait. I set up in an area I thought I could catch some nice fish in and pulled boards through it. After an hour we had boated only 1 Striper and had a dozen more hits, swirls and hookups. I thought my bait may be a little too big so I went and caught 40 more smaller baits and set up in a different area. We hadn't gone 40 yards before the same thing started happening. Obviously the fish were off this morning and did not want to eat our offerings. I continued to work flats nearby us catching a fish here and there, no set pattern. We were under the gun this morning because Tim had to come off the water around noon. After a while I wanted to make a move but simply did not have the time or enough bait. We ended up having a good morning, the guys took home a dozen Stripers for the freezer.

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