Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tim, Troy and Bob Hammond

Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 66* and clear.

This morning I picked the guys up at 6 and by daylight we had a beautiful tank of bait. I set out a spread of planner boards pulling flats ranging from 20 to 6 feet deep. We caught our first fish fairly quick but the for the next hour we could not hook up. We were getting constant swirls and the boards would back up 3 to 10 feet but the fish were not interested in eating the baits. Around 8 we started to hook up with the Stripers and things got got better and better till about 11 when the fish turned off again. We went and caught more bait and hit another area with similar success. Seems the last couple of days the Stripers would feed better mid morning. We ended up having plenty of action, today we had 48 baits get clobbered. We all had a lot fun laughing all day at different screw ups. There was very little boat traffic on the water today and fish bit everywhere we fished. We missed Bob's son Zack today on the boat, he had an accounting class and could not make the trip.

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