Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dewey, Randy, Rick and Dean

Sunny and Pleasant, Water Temperature 52* and clear.
This morning I picked the guys up at 6:30 and headed out to catch bait. We caught about 40 nice baits then I found a place with no boats and set out my spread. At least I tried to get out my spread of boards, the fish wanted to eat us before I could get set up. I eventually got out a spread of 13 water Bugz Planner boards and a bobber and worked flats ranging from 20 to 8 feet deep. We did well for about the first hour but the fish turned off so I simply put the boards on the bank out to about 80 yards off the bank and pulled about a 2 mile stretch of water. We finally got low on baits so we caught about 40 more then hit similar areas only to catch a few fish in as many hours. The boat traffic had gotten up with a lot of boats running back and forth enjoying the nice weather. Around 2 I decided to make yet another move so I set out my spread again and just started working the banks. The move payed off, in about an hour of so we proceeded to wear the Stripers out. I had to work hard today with all the action and also the wind to present the baits in a manner to entice the fish to eat. Today the fish would eat when there was no boat traffic and when the boats were around it was slow.

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