Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Kevin, Jason, Jeremy and Zack

Sunny and Cold, Water Temperature about 50*.
After getting 5 inches of snow yesterday and waking up this morning seeing the thermometer at 19* I knew I was in for some challenges today. I picked the guys up at marina and headed out to catch bait. The weather had moved the bait and broke it up so I had to throw about 50 times to get enough to fish with this morning. I set out a spread of boards and bobbers pulling flats where I had been catching fish lately. By noon we had 6 hits and had only boated 2 fish so I had to make a move. I went and caught more bait and set up in a totally different area working deeper flats with slightly warmer water temperatures and bait nearby. After taking a few hits I realized what the fish wanted and got dialed in on their pattern. Next thing we knew we were catching Stripers. We put 9 more fish in the boat within 2 hours but had lost a dozen more that were hooked up. The fish were only hitting a particular size bait today which I had run out of so I decided to go catch more bait of that size. I found the bait fairly easily this time, caught it and was fishing within 15 minutes. I don't know what happened within that 15 minutes but monkeys must have jumped on all of their backs because for the next hour and a half we hooked up a dozen more times and lost fish after fish, never boating another Striper. We ended up with a nice stringer of fish considering the conditions of the day but all I could think of was the nicer fish we lost this afternoon and what our catch should have been.

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