Friday, August 10, 2012

Bob Unruh and Boys

Cloudy, Rain and Warm, Water temperature 88* and clear.
This morning was a light show with lightning in the sky while I was catching bait. After putting 160 baits in the tank I picked the crew up at their dock and went looking for Stripers. We set up near some fish but they did not seem to be schooled very well, probably due to the weather. After a few minuted I decided to look for something else and it didn't take long to locate some feeding fish. We worked them for about 30 minutes, lost the school then relocated it and caught more. After using up all our baits I went and caught 200 more and went fishing again.We did not run into many schools today, only 4 or 5. We caught plenty of fish today and kept enough to eat tonight before packing up and heading back to Pennsylvania and New York.

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