Thursday, August 09, 2012

Jerry Wenzel with grandsons Andrew and Richard Tanner

Sunny and HOT, Water Temperature 87* and Clear
I got on the water early and put 175 baits in my tank then picked the guys up at High Point. We then located some fish and put our lines in the water but within 2 minutes another boater ran right up next to us 30 yards away and set up to fish, 9600 acres and 2 minutes into the day an inconsiderate fisherman spooks our fish! I informed them of what they did then we got our baits in and moved. I located another school where we set out our baits soon the water was erupting all around us. This was the first time the boys had fished for Stripers and they were in for a thrill. Our downlines started going off and while they were reeling in fish I threw a topwater bait out and it got clobbered so I handed it off, netted their fish and called Tony over to join in the action. The boys eyes were popping out of their heads with excitement not only catching fish but big fish as well. Stripers were laying on the deck as we were trying to keep up with baiting the hooks. Welcome to my world!!! It wasn't long before I noticed my bait was having issues in the tank, they were all lazy and many were dying. Within a few minutes I decided I had to get rid of the baits in the tank. We emptied the tank so we left the feeding fish to go catch some more bait. Easier said than done, it took awhile to locate and catch bait but we caught 150 more Herring. We went out and found some more schools, called Tony and friend Charlie over and worked on them for about 45 minutes without another boat spooking the school. By 10:30 the action had subsided. All three boats looked for schools for the next hour and a half without hardly seeing a fish. Amazing how one moment we can be on thousands of fish and for the rest of the day not see a fish.

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