Monday, August 27, 2012

David and Earl Mielke with guest Christian

Sunny and Warm, Water temperature 82* and Clear
Earl married off his daughter this weekend and needed a short break before spending the week doing "Buddymooning" events dreamed up by the married couple. Dave and I caught bait and picked Earl and Christian up at 6 at Earls dock. I told them it would only be an early morning bite so we had our baits in the water at first light and it didn't take long for Earl to hook up with a nice Striper. Before he could get his in the boat 2 other rods bent over and everyone joined in the chaos. We boated all the fish, rebaited and continued to catch fish till an Osprey decided to eat one of my baits so we had to reel it in and release it unharmed. We caught a couple more fish within a few minutes but a fisherman in a pontoon boat decided he wanted to spook our school of Stripers and try to run over my planner boards. Well that was the end of catching fish there. We fished for a couple more hours only to catch a couple more fish. Earl is having a big cookout for the newlywed celebration on Saturday and needed some Stripers to go along with the ones they catch on Thursday when I take out Scotts buddys fishing.
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