Friday, June 07, 2013

Tony, Jim, Zeek, Bob and Daniel

Cloudy, heavy rain, Water temperature 80* and Clear.
I got out on the water at 3 this morning to catch bait. I was worried that the weather would mess the bait catching process up like it usually does when it rains so hard. Well by 5:15 I had thrown 50 times for 6 baits. I went and picked my clients up at High Point then went out searching for bait. After burning a half a tank of gas I finally caught bait at 9 o'clock. I drove to an area that I knew had been holding some nice fish and we put the baits out, or attempted to. We started taking hits immediately and for 2 hours straight we had constant action. I could not keep up with baiting much less counting the fish we caught. Here are a few of the fish we caught this morning. It rained so hard I thought it might ruin the guys day but I warned them last night that the weather would not be good but they insisted on going. Believe it or not once we got on the fish they did not care at all about the rain. It ended up being a fun day with plenty of fish to take home.

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