Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kyle, Brady, Janeile, Hanna, Steve and Levi


Sunny and Warm, Water Temperature 80* and Clear
I caught bait early then picked my crew up at their dock at 5:30 this morning. We did a mock set up to explain how to put the baits at the correct depth, caught a couple fish then went looking for schools. We looked around a little and set up on a couple pods of fish catching a few each set up. After some of the other boats moved on I set up in an area where I knew where we could have some fun. We were all set when I hit this particular spot and the action got crazy. For about an hour and a half we constantly caught fish. We fished there till 8:30 then had to leave, we had used up 130 baits. We fished till the last bait caught a fish. We then took off to search for more bait. After about an hour we had a couple full tanks of bait so we hit other areas with good success. We fished till the girls needed a break then went back out, caught bait and found even more Stripers. We worked them till we completely ran out of bait again. I have no clue how many fish we caught today but I do know we took over 225 strikes! Janeile is pictured holding the last fish of the day that she caught and Brady is holding his big fish of the day. We all had a whole lot of fun and action and there is plenty of food for dinner the rest of their vacation. This will certainly be a trip everyone will have fond memories of.

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