Saturday, June 01, 2013

Richie and Guy

Guide DP took Guy and Richie out today. Here is his rendition of the day.
"Picked the guys up at 5:30, went to look for fish. After a short drive we found a few to set up on. We set up on 4 different small pods of fish today and would catch a dozen on each set up.  This was a half day trip and at 9:15 the guys said that they wanted about 4 fish to take home to the wives, I looked in the live well and there were 8 in there already, oops! We had a dozen baits left so we set up on one more school. The first 3 fish were some of the best fish of the day and they swallowed the hooks. They would not have survived if we had released them. By then we had gone through 105 baits and boated nearly 50 stripers, allowing us to get off of the water before the lake got crowded."

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