Thursday, June 27, 2013

Brad Price and Guests

 Chris, Kenny, Kaci, Stephanie, Brad
Brad holding Kaci's Striper

Cloudy and Pleasant, Water Temperature 85* and clear.
I picked my crew up at 5:30 and went looking for schools of Stripers. I saw plenty of broke up fish but only a couple of decent schools of fish. When we would get on a school and start catching them they would move off extremely fast. We used up the 125 baits that I caught by 9 so I went and made 2 throws and caught 150 more. We fished a couple more areas and went through every bait in both tanks. Naturally Kaci caught the most and largest fish of the day. Brad has been bringing her fishing since she was knee high, fishing in below freezing weather and rain. She loves to fish and is as good at fishing as she is pretty. You will be seeing her on my journal again.

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