Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Hot day on the water

 Michael, Ross , Anna, Patti, Caleb and Julia
Larry, Cameron, Adam and Stephan
Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 89* and Clear.
Today we had three guide charters on the Lake. I took out the Halbersma's, Tony took out Adam Bechtel and friends and Charlie took out Jim Matta and his friend. Tony burnt most of his baits up on schools of punks this morning before having to go catch more bait around 8 o'clock. My crew got a late start but we managed to have a lot of fun catching fish through out the day. If Anna would have stayed in the back of the boat instead of feeling sorry for Michael we probably could have doubled our catch. Michael had a monkey on his back today, he caught the first fish of the day which cursed him for the rest of the trip. Anna was catching Stripers two at a time. Charlie hung around me most of the morning picking off fish after fish. I know they had a good catch but he had been up for 30 hours straight and when he got off the water he turned his phone off and went to bed without sending me his picture. Although it was very hot today we all had great times catching fish. We caught well over 100 fish today.

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