Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gary, Loki and Jalen

 Jalen's Largest Fish ever

Jalen's Largest Bass
Sunny and Hot, Water Temperature 88* and Clear.
I caught bait early then picked everyone up at the marina at 5:30. Jalen was excited about today, not only does he love fishing but Gary and Loki have been out with me before so expectations were high for a good catch today. I set up on some fish early and about 15 minutes later the whole lake erupted. Fish were breaking for as far as you could see. We worked the Stripers for over a mile then left them while they were still busting on the surface! We hit 2 or 3 more schools before we had to go catch more bait. After catching bait we worked an area picking off a Striper about once every 15 minutes. Fishing is crazy for the first 2 hours of the day then the fish get full which makes it hard to catch much once the sun gets up in the sky and starts cooking you . Everyone had a great day and you can bet they will never forget today's fishing excursion.

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