Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A fun day in the Rain

 Anthony, Dale, Michael
 Frank, Kirk, Zack and Missy
 Missy's 11 pound Striper

Rainy and Warm, Water temperature 85* and Clear
Today DP had a trip and I took my grandson, Anthony, Dale and Doug. DP got out early to catch bait for his clients and we did not get out till mid morning. By the looks of the stringers we all had a great day despite the weather. The kids kept 20 Stripers as well as DP's clients. DP got off the water before the rain hit but we stayed out and fished in it. The boys were soaking wet and wanted to go in but on the way back in I ran over some Stripers and asked them if they wanted to try them. They all jumped up and before we got all of our baits in the rods bent over. Needless to say they did not even know it was raining for over 30 minutes.

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