Friday, July 12, 2013

JFHQ-NCR, J3 Directorate, Washington, DC.

 Bart, Vic, Al, Zack, Worthy, Zimmer, George, Angel, Rob F, Rob L., Scott
 Nice School of feeding Stripers
 Thousands of Stripers
Cloudy, Rain, Water temperature 84* and Clear
Today Tony and I took out a group of Men that we take out every year. We woke up to pouring down rain and struggled to catch 130 baits each this morning by daylight. We picked everyone up at High Point and started their day on the lake. Tony had said that since it was raining he was going to take his crew and set up in one area hoping to take hits and not soak them. I told him I would keep on the big motor and look for schools. My guys probably were wondering what I was thinking about as I drove for 20 minutes through pouring down rain. Their patience paid off when I found a MAJOR school of Stripers. I stopped the boat, had them grab their rods and hollered for Tony on the radio to get down here now. He knew from the tone of my voice that I was on them and scrambled his crew to get their baits in and they flew to me. By the time they got to us and set down the fish were rockin. We worked the school till everyone ran out of baits, 260 hits! Tony and I went and caught bait and found 3 more schools of fish this morning and burnt them up. We ended up catching well in excess of 125 Stripers. We also caught a couple nice Bass and 5 Catfish, one of which was a Citation Channel Cat. These stringers are representative of what we can catch in a morning on the lake if everyone listens to their Captains on how to deploy the baits and how to reel the fish in once they hook up. Needless to say everyone including Tony and myself had a great time this morning. A day like this couldn't happen to a nicer group of men, they have served our country well and deserve a good morning on the water.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Hemby,

Thank you for sharing your bait with my friend, his son, and I on this rainy Friday morning. We did indeed have trouble keeping our bait alive as you suggested, thus, I'll be searching for a better bait tank. Regardless, we caught plenty of catfish and a few stripers, much of it credited to you for helping us with bait.

All the best to you, your guide team, and clients.