Friday, July 26, 2013

Lowrance HDS technology...101

 This picture was taken earlier this week at 6:46am. Sonar is on the left half of the page in a 30 foot scale, side scan in the upper right set on a 80 foot scale and down scan is on the bottom right side of the screen. I was searching for schools of Stripers running about 25 mph and located this school. If you look on the upper left in my history [between the 28. and the 1 in the digital depth] you can see what the school looks like when I am running fast. I turned the boat around, slowed down and had my clients start to deploy our downlines. I am just starting to come back into the school when I took this pic. Notice in the side scan how there are more fish on the right side of my boat and also larger fish.
 This screen shot is one minute later after I turned my boat into the middle of the school. 
Needless to say we spanked um.
 This picture was taken in the afternoon around 2 o'clock. The water temp was 92* and I was working a breakline that came up onto a shallow flat. The black triangle in the center of the map is my boat. The grey on the map is water between 31 and 50 foot deep. The light blue is less than 30 foot deep. I was actually working the 30 foot breakline where the grey meets the blue when I located these fish on the ledge. Notice in my history I had been seeing them for about 40 yards.
 This picture was taken a couple seconds after the above picture. I changed the screen back to sonar plus scan. Looking at the blue down scan screen on the bottom right you can clearly see bait on the left and the shallower I got the more fish we got into. The Stripers had just fed on the bait and had busted the bait balls up over the shallower flat and the bait fled to deeper water to regroup into larger bait balls. The sonar screen on the left is in split screen, the left side is on bottom lock zoomed in 3 times and the right half is sonar. These Stripers were hugging the bottom.
This picture was taken this morning when we were over a school of Stripers. The school was trying to develop and had busted up the bait pretty well. On the left sonar screen you can clearly see our bait being pulled through the school at 23 feet deep [The horizontal line]. This bait actually had been hit and was dead. These fish were a mixture of keeper Stripers, punks and a few catfish mixed in. We popped 4 or 5 keepers out of this school before 7 or 8  boats busted us and spooked the school bad enough to bust it up resulting in us having to leave the area. Hopefully some of those fisherman will see this posting and learn how to locate their own schools of fish instead of locating someone catching fish and selfishly encroach on other anglers.

PS.....For everyone who is frantically trying to figure out where we were fishing in the third screen shot with the map, I will give you a clue. It is the second creek below the 208 bridge at the mouth where it intersects the main lake. The creek's name starts with a C. Where we are in that picture is not a particular spot, a honey hole, a go to area, is is SIMPLY one of thousands of places on the lake where the fish were using a flat to feed on and on this particular afternoon I caught them here. This is a text book situation where the fish had been feeding shallow and chased the bait off of the flat over the edge of the underwater point on the flat. Do you think after loosing that school of Stripers I checked out the other underwater point 100 yards to my left? Yea! Most boats have decent depth finders on them, use them and be better fisherman. Fishing Lake Anna for Stripers or even largemouth is not difficult if you use your electronics to be your underwater eyes. We catch a lot of nice Bass on similar structures. Keep your eyes on your Lowrance instead of on other boaters that may be catching fish and enjoy the thrill of locating and catching non pressured fish.

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Hey jim thanks for the lesson ,i think this is a better idea of what i need to be looking for and how to find them. as for boat invasion i think it was boaters who have no common sense and are to lazy to find there own... thks again fishman