Sunday, March 02, 2014

The calm before the storm

 Steve, Bobby, Karen and Bobby
Bobby's Citation Bass
Partly Cloudy turning to rain, Water Temperature 44* to 46* and Clear
Today we caught bait early this morning then picked up our crew about 6:45. This morning was post-frontal and I thought the bite would probably be hindered by the approaching cold front. Yesterday morning Guide Anthony fished boards getting plenty of hits and pull backs but not many hook ups so I decided to try something completely different. I ran downlines on breaklines and started to boat fish. Anthony was out again today pulling boards so if the board bite got going he would let me know then I would convert over which we did. The front definitely affected the bite today, we would see little fish on the Lowrance and never got into any good feeding opportunities. The highlight of the day was Bobby's 22" 7 1/4 pound Largemouth Bass. We boated about a dozen Stripers and 3 Largemouth.

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